The age-old story of Don Quichot and a modern twist on that story by a contribution by Maurice from The Hague: that’s what you can expect during the performance The ingenious nobleman Don Quichot from La Mancha. And the fun part is: you can be here at 12, 17 and 18 March in The Hague.

You can recognize the name Don Quixote from the world-famous novel The ingenious nobleman Don Quixote of La Mancha . Despite the fact that this book has been around for centuries, surprisingly modern topics are covered. You can also see this in the performance.

This is what you can expect from the performance

Don Quichot is a prosperous entrepreneur with an international company, which also includes employees from all over the world to work. Despite his wealth and powerful position, he feels as if his life is meaningless. When he starts looking for a more meaningful life, he starts daydreaming. In doing so, the boundaries between fantasy and reality slowly fade.

During the performance you will recognize a lot of the contemporary world. How about, for example, the increasing clashes between cultures and the pursuit of your own place where you feel at home? In addition, you also see the clear gap between dreams and the harsh reality of the world as we know it. Don Quixote doesn’t seem to have it all together anymore due to daydreaming. Only…, is that really the case? Or is the world around him going crazy?

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Maurice co-wrote the opera in The Hague

Maurice from The Hague became OPERA2DAY, the organization that co-produces with the New European Ensemble, asked him to think about whether he recognized himself in Don Quixote and wanted to write something about it. Maurice wanted that and that is why fragments of that written piece are now also processed in the performance that is being performed in The Hague.

Maurice heard from actress Silke van Durme that OPERA2DAY was going to organize a writing evening for the performance about Don Quichot. “I was immediately excited. I myself am a theater maker and theater teacher by profession and I haven’t written for a long time. That’s why this seemed like a cool challenge to me. In addition, it has been a while since I have been to an OPERA2DAY performance. A shame really, because I enjoyed it so much the last time I was there.”

Maurice knows the story of Don Quixote, but he had to read the book anyway to sharpen the story. “The common thread of the story is about chasing dreams after which you run into reality. That is very recognizable for me personally. I’ve worked for the government before, until the moment I thought: I don’t want this anymore, I want to become a theater maker. At that point you only want one thing and that is to get known and become a big name in that industry. Then you are really chasing a dream. You just run into reality right away. Who is waiting for me?”

Maurice is looking forward to the performance. “As I said, I haven’t been to OPERA2DAY performances for a long time. That’s why I can look forward to it now. In addition, I have heard that it will be a very interactive performance. The audience is really involved in the play and I am really looking forward to that. This way you get the feeling that the performance is also yours. That is really special.”

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Book your tickets

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to experience this impressive performance yourself? Book your tickets for Don Quixote quickly online at 12, 17 or 18 March at 18.00 hours at the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. You already have a ticket for ,35 euros. This makes it even more fun to visit this opera.

Check out the trailer of The ingenious nobleman Don Quichot van La Mancha below.

Trailer of the show | Video: YouTube50


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