The Hague is full of sweet, beautiful and special people. And occasionally they deserve a compliment! We are happy to help from indebuurt, because Wednesday 1 March is National Compliments Day.

On National Compliments Day you can send a compliment via indebuurt to someone you love is. That may be a resident who is close to you, but also that sweet person at the supermarket or the hardworking volunteer at the community center. Whoever it is, they must be very happy with the gesture!

Send a compliment via neighborhood

Using the tool below you can send a compliment to a fellow townsman. You first enter your name, choose a card design and then enter your message. You can then share the compliment via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Anyone who participates in National Compliments Day has a chance to win a dinner voucher for two. An extra reason to put a fellow townsman in the spotlight!

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Together with other titles

indebuurt is not the only one committed to National Compliments Day. We are joining forces with eight newspaper titles that fall under the AD and Qmusic. Previous collaborations were during Week against Loneliness and during the Christmas period.

A compliment from us to you: thank you for all the inspiration you give!

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