Protest group Farmers Defense Force wants Saturday 07 hold the largest demonstration of all time in The Hague in March. On that day there is already a demonstration of Extinction Rebellion that the A12 and preparations for the CPC loop are in full swing at the Malieveld. Not a convenient date. Fortunately, the municipality has a solution.

The large farmers’ protest can take place on the desired date in the Zuiderpark, as we read with our colleagues from AD.


Sieta van Keimpema, spokesperson for Farmers Defense Force, does not yet know how many farmers will come: “As much as possible, of course. Everyone is done with this cabinet,” she told AD. “We hope to wake up the whole of the Netherlands”. In any case, they plan to take about five thousand tractors with them, the rest of the demonstrators will come by public transport.

It is not yet one hundred percent certain that the farmers will be allowed to go to the Zuiderpark. There are still plenty of consultations with FDF, says a spokesperson for the municipality of The Hague. He does confirm that the Zuiderpark is one of the possible options.

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Do you want Saturday 07 March somewhere? Then take congestion into account or take the bike. Because in addition to five thousand tractors driving through The Hague South, the A46 blocked. From 12.00 hours, climate activists are attempting to change the highway, behind the Malieveld. The action group expects thousands of activists to participate.

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