Schiphol, with input from the partners at the airport, has submitted an action plan to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) about reducing the use of the built-in auxiliary engine (APU) of aircraft at the airport. platform. Schiphol sees reducing APU use as a priority because it brings tangible improvements to the working conditions and the health of apron employees. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from aviation as a whole.An auxiliary power unit (APU), is an auxiliary engine (usually) in the tail of an aircraft. This auxiliary engine enables the start-up of the aircraft, provides electricity to the aircraft and supplies pneumatic pressure, which is (among other things) necessary for the air conditioning on board. The APU works on kerosene, which releases harmful substances and causes noise nuisance for platform employees.In the ILT report on the use of an aircraft’s built-in auxiliary engine (APU), Schiphol has been asked to come up with an action plan before 1 March 2023 to improve this APU consumption.The most important actions in the action plan, based on the conclusions of the ILT report, are: 1. Shortening the use of the APU The permitted use of the APU, before an aircraft departs, will be reduced from from from to 5 minutes. Expand facilities for preconditioned air (PCA) 2. Schiphol will offer PCA units and make them available at the appropriate Aircraft Stands (VOP). Preconditioned air ensures that the auxiliary engine needs to be used less. 3. Improvement of APU usage monitoring Expansion of supervision by Schiphol Authority on the use of APU. Schiphol (port authority) determines, on a case-by-case basis, based on established criteria , fixed or use of APU is allowed, the captain remains ultimately responsible.4. Switching to sustainable fuel Door deploy ground equipment to reduce APU usage where equipment in the ground operation uses renewable diesel. 5. Promote the use of fixed power (shore power) preventing equipment failures by giving instructions, improving the process of rectifying failures. 6. Schiphol will conduct an awareness campaign for all employees explaining the importance of reducing APU usage. 2023 2023 2023


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