Very occasionally the northern lights or ‘aurora borealis’ can be seen in the Netherlands. The Loosduiner Frits van Gaans was lucky yesterday. During a walk on the beach at Kijkduin, he took these photos of the impressive natural phenomenon, simply with his mobile phone.

The northern lights: a strip of green, purple and red light, can usually only be seen in the far north, but in rare cases also in the Netherlands.

Northern Lights in the Netherlands

The Northern Lights are caused by a cloud of electrically charged particles from the sun. The light is strongest when there are eruptions on the sun, also called solar storms, and if those solar storms are very powerful, the northern lights can even be seen in the Netherlands. But that doesn’t happen that often.

In addition, you also have a chance that the northern lights are there, but cannot be seen with the naked eye. Frits van Gaans barely saw the light yesterday, but his phone was able to capture it.

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Northern Lights at Kijkduin. Photo Frits van Gaans 2

This whole week I you still have a chance to spot the special light. A few tips: if the weather is clear then you have between 21.00 and 63. hours the best chance to spot the Northern Lights. Do you want to take a picture of it? then put your mobile on night mode and if possible on a tripod.

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