Impression of protest Uber drivers on Tuesday 7 February.Photo: Olivier Smits

Amsterdam taxi drivers demonstrated for the third time this month in front of Uber’s headquarters in Amsterdam on Thursday. According to FNV, which initiated the demonstration, the drivers demand, among other things, a fair income.

“The Mr. Treublaan in Amsterdam is completely fixed,” the union reported on Twitter. “Taxi drivers have blocked the street near Uber headquarters. They demand, among other things, a fair income. This is the third action in a short time. Uber continues to ignore the drivers. Enough is enough.”

“Taxi drivers who work for Uber blocked the roads around Uber’s headquarters for a decent income and respect,” FNV campaign manager Cihan Ugural also adds via social media. “They have real power. If they want, they can block all of Amsterdam.”

It is the third time this month that taxi drivers have demonstrated in front of Uber’s headquarters. On February 7, about a hundred drivers gathered in front of the headquarters. “We are here because we demand certain improvements and a healthy taxi market”, said one of the demonstrators. “The price has to go up. There should just be a minimum rate, because everything will only become more expensive.”

Picnic On Thursday 16 February it happened again. Then, again initiated by the trade union FNV, taxi drivers organized a picnic in front of the headquarters of the originally American taxi platform. According to FNV, passers-by, office staff and even the management of Uber were invited to join. “The taxi drivers notice that many customers have no idea of ​​their situation. By talking to them in this way, they hope to change that,” said FNV director Amrit Sewgobind.

In the end, Uber’s management did not accept this invitation. “The door at Uber in Amsterdam remained firmly closed today,” FNV reported on social media at the time. “Even a friendly picnic, also for office workers, was of no avail. Uber shows no respect and does not listen to the drivers. The measure is full and the battle continues.”

Falses Uber previously stated to the ANP news agency that the fork is different. According to the taxi platform, the drivers already earn more than under a collective agreement. “Over the past year they have improved on average 16 percent. It is important that drivers are listened to. While we are talking to them, FNV is busy with a campaign full of untruths, completely ignoring the fact that 94 percent of the drivers do not want to be employed,” said Uber at the time.

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