A new residential tower is being built at the Schilddoekshaven, next to the Amare theater building. Now it is still an ugly, messy construction site. Fortunately, illustrator Eva Straver has found a solution. Her outdoor exhibition ‘The Hague – richly illustrated’ can now be viewed there for free.

On the fence around the construction site at the Skulldoekshaven, residents of The Hague are standing recognizable drawings of, among other things, rotten seagulls and sand in the house.

Typical Hague

Eva has made an exhibition of illustrations and texts about typical Hague subjects. For example, you can see how households in The Hague deal with sand nuisance in their homes after a walk on the beach, and of course the civil servants are also discussed.

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The purpose of the artist is to undermine the cliché image of The Hague. ‘I hope to show people from outside The Hague how special and somewhat curious this city is and of course I hope that the real residents of The Hague will recognize themselves in my stories,’ says Eva. For more information about this project visit Eva Straver’s website.

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