2-year-old Judas is looking for a home. He hasn’t had it easy and it’s really time for a safe home now. Judas has not had such pleasant experiences with hands and therefore does not want to be petted for too long. He likes to play with a ball. He even retrieved it from the previous owner!

Judas is a smart hangover. In the shelter of the animal center in The Hague, he soon realized where his food and sweets could be found. He could open the door of that one cupboard himself. Too bad for Judas that the caretakers soon noticed this.


Judas is now alone in his room, waiting for a new home. The other cats have already moved. This red hangover is not so fond of cuddling. When he is petted, he spends hours getting his coat clean and smooth again.

What Judas likes is playing outside. In the shelter he likes to sit in the outdoor kennel and there he probably dreams about his own garden.


Judas cannot live in a house with a dog or other cats. He has also been placed once before, but also came back because of biting. So the match was not a success. Do you have experience with cats and can you help Judas find a nice home? Mail quickly to to make an appointment with him.

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