Have you already started spring cleaning or is it planned? Then it is useful to know where you can hand in your old stuff in The Hague. Throwing it away is an option, but you can also make others happy with it.

Hand in clothes for a discount

Did you know that at a few shops you get a discount for your old clothes, bed linen and towels?

At H&M, for example, and you can dispose of old textiles in the recycle boxes in the store. It does not matter what condition the garments are in, you will always receive a gift voucher as a thank you. At C&A they have the ‘Take it back recycling program’, for a bag of old clothing you will receive a voucher from 08% discount.

C&A The Hague. Photo nearby

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Vintage or thrift store

There must be stuff in your house that is too good to just throw away. Then take it to a thrift store or a second-hand store. Who knows, someone else from The Hague will be very happy with it and those things will get a second life. Also good to know, at some stores you can still earn some money with your old stuff!

Pick up bulky waste

Does that sagging couch not fit in your car? Then you can also have it collected by the men and women of the garbage collection service in The Hague. Bulky waste and large garden waste are collected free of charge in The Hague, such as metals, white goods, mattresses and furniture. You can make an appointment online or by telephone. Look for more information on the website of the municipality.

Matress with the dirt . photo Valerie Kuypers Hague hands

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    Textile container

    While tidying up, do you find a pair of trousers that are now hopelessly out of fashion? Then throw it in a clothing container. You can not only store clothes in these containers, but also other textiles such as old dishcloths, bedding or curtains. These substances are then reused and not just thrown away!

  • Click here for a map with all textile containers.


    You have those things that just have to go: a shaky table, a sagging couch or a broken mirror. You can take that kind of stuff to the recycling center:

  • Binckhorst waste collection station

    Pluto Street 1
  • Waste collection station Centrum
  • Uitenhagestraat 4

    Loosduinen waste collection station

    The WARF 13

  • 2021 EH The Hague

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