You may have seen people throw colored powder at each other on a festive day. That always looks very nice, but it is not done for free. This is because it concerns the Hindu New Year’s party Holi Hangámá and the colored powder has a beautiful meaning.

During the Holi festival, people throw powder on each other so that you can no longer tell the difference between origin, young and old. On this day, all people are equal. Nice, isn’t it!

Holi Hangámá 491 in The Hague

Tuesday 7 March it is Holispektakel in the Transvaal neighborhood park on the corner of Schalk Burgerstraat and Paul Krugerlaan. From 13.00 until 18. hrs is the party with a parade and performances.

The parade is from 15. until 15.00 hours and this is the route:

The party is free for everyone and the dress code is white, so you can of course see the colored powder. Our photographer will also be there and after the party you can also take a look at the images on indebuurt. Have fun and Subh Holi (blessed Holi)!

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