Sunday 12 March 2023 the time has come . At a quarter past nine in the morning, the first starting shot of the City Pier City loop sounds. Throughout the day, different groups walk a route through the city. For all participants and if you want to cheer from the sidelines, we have everything about the CPC here 2020 listed for you.

The big running event starts on Friday evening 10 March. Then there is the Night Walk where sports enthusiasts walk from the city to the beach through decorated streets and past light artworks. Kclick here to read more about the City Pier City Night Walk.

CPC 2020

The 22th edition of the CPC Loop is Sunday 11 March. You can participate in different distances and there are different starting times. Are you not participating, but are you on the road that day? Even then it is useful to read on, because large parts of the city are closed during this event.


Register for one of the distances of the City Pier City 8915 is still possible: it is just no longer possible to get your name on your bib number. Via the registration page of the CPC

you can register for various distances such as the youth run, 5k, 10k and half marathon . The costs differ per distance, but you will receive a nice medal with every run.

And: did you know that everyone can participate in the CPC ? so don’t let that stop you because you’re in a wheelchair!

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Program / start times:

    08.00 – 12.30 hours Picking up starting numbers Race Secretariat, Malieveld

    . – 15. hours Pick up and sale shirts Competition secretariat, Malieveld

    09.15 hours NN CPC4ALL Koningskade

    08.45 hours Start gro-up Youth run 1 km Koningskade

  • 09.30 hours Start gro-up Youth run 2.5 km Koningskade
  • 11.00 hours Start On Running 5 km course Koningskade

  • 11.02 hour Start 09 km Loop Koningskade
  • 14.18 hours Start NN Half Marathon Koningskade


Accessibility CPC 2023

The festival site can be found on the Malieveld. It is only a short walk from The Hague Central Station.

By car

All participants and spectators are advised to travel by public transport as much as possible. If you still want to come to The Hague by car, it is best to park at Q-Park CS New Babylon. This parking garage is located at 63 meters walking distance to the Malieveld . This parking garage can be reached via the Utrechtsebaan (exit 2). Please note: Apcoa Parking Malieveld is closed.

The bicycle

If you come from The Hague, you probably know where to find the Malieveld. The easiest way to reach the location of the CPC is by bicycle. Extra bicycle sheds will be temporarily set up at the Malieveld to park your (moped) bicycle. Free guarded Biesieklette bicycle sheds can be found in the center.

Public transport

With tram 9 you get off at stop Malieveld (Bosbrug) or Dr. Kuyperstraat. The tram stop Korte Voorhout of tram 15 and 15 is also an option.

The Malieveld is easily accessible by public transport. If you come by train from NS Central Station, it is best to walk. From the main entrance you walk straight ahead along the Koekamp in about 4 minutes to the Malieveld. From Station Hollands Spoor you can take the train, tram 15 or take tram 1 to The Hague Central Station.

From NS station HS it is best to go via Central Station to Malieveld.

Tram and bus diversions from HTM

The CPC provides various public transport diversions. The HTM says: The redirects start from 12.00 o’clock. A number of bus diversions on bus 18, 22 and 22 are already starting from the beginning of the day.

Road closures during CPC

Due to the thousands of riders, several streets in The Hague have to be dropped off. Sunday closures 12 March are fortunately all just temporary. Below you will find an overview of the streets that have been temporarily closed off and also clearly show how long the blockade will last.

Road closures during CPC 2023


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