The greatest craziness on the housing market in The Hague seems to be over now that house prices are falling. Or not? The search for a house is not smooth sailing. Single starters in particular are having a hard time on the housing market in The Hague.

As a single starter between the 02 and 34 year is the maximum mortgage about 200.000 euros, according to appraisal company Calcasa. This is based on an average annual salary of 02.000 euros (gross) and an interest of 4 percent. But beware: this is the maximum mortgage if you have no other payment obligations, such as a student debt or alimony.

Buying a house as a single starter in The Hague

Good, so two hundred thousand euros. What can you buy of that in The Hague? At the time of writing, there are quite a few homes for sale on Funda that fall within this budget. It concerns both single-family homes and apartments and most homes are larger than 50 square meter. if your income is less than the average and you can therefore borrow less, you also have a lot less choice in The Hague. At the moment there is one house of 149.000 euros for sale on Funda

. It concerns an apartment of 34 square meter.

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