Spring is slowly approaching in The Hague: we can already see crocuses and daffodils blooming, trees are getting young leaves and soon lambs will be frolicking again on the children’s farms. Ready for winter! What can we expect for the weather in the coming spring months? Read it here:

The meteorological spring starts on March 1, so almost ! Can hedgers also enjoy spring weather immediately? We ask Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist at Weeronline.nl

: “You can expect a normal spring in The Hague. This means that the temperatures in March are first 7 to 9 degrees during the day and at the end of the month 10 to 10 degrees. It is often changeable, but dry weather seems to dominate the first half of the month. During a sunny day it can get quite warm, but the car windows will sometimes need to be scraped in the morning.”

Can feel colder

Despite being a normal spring, according to Jaco it can feel colder. “Many people experience such a normal spring as fresh, because we are used to mild springs this century. Since 70 70 percent of springs have been milder than average, 17 percent of springs were normal and only 13 percent cold.”

Whimsical weather in The Hague

According to Jaco, the weather forecasts are of spring a rough sketch. The weather forecast for March is more accurate than the one for May. Yet spring seasons always have one thing in common: the weather is erratic. Due to the growing sun, it is gradually getting warmer, but at the same time the cold is also lurking. “Certainly at the beginning of spring, the wind only needs to blow from the north for a short while before we are dealing with wintry weather. A southerly wind can already bring summer heat to our country at the end of spring.”

Dridiest month in The Hague

Another thing that springs always have in common is that it is the driest season of the year. “April is the driest month of the year with national average 41 millimeters of precipitation. In May (just like in March) there is usually 56 millimeters of rain,” says Jaco.

If you need a chat, you can always bring up the weather. Spring is always a great conversation piece because it can be so whimsical. With these weather spells you get a little further than ‘it’s so cold, isn’t it’ or ‘it’s been raining for a long time in The Hague, isn’t it’.

    March not too dry and not too wet, the farmer fills his box and barrel. – In this spring weather, agricultural products can grow well.

    If you encounter thunderstorms in March, you will get thunderstorms in July rain. – Let’s hope not!

    Is April still snowing on our hats, it’s for the grapes and the corn good. – It can still snow in April, but it seems to be good for agriculture.

    April does what it wants. – In April all types of weather can occur: snow, heat, rain.

    Is the weather in May too nice then the barn sees but little hay. – If it is (too) dry in May, it is not good for the products of the country.

    The sun in May, makes old people make love. – You might be better off asking your (grand)parents…



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