Star fanatics in The Hague have fun days ahead, because this weekend is the National Stargazing Days! Together with experts, you can look at the stars in various places in the Netherlands and, above all, learn about them.

At the Laan van Poot, at the end of the Kwartellaan, Friday 20 and Saturday 20 February a few telescopes set up. Everyone is welcome between .30 and 24. hours to a planet or moon look.

The Observatory is also present in Rijswijk. Friday 23 and Saturday 20 February their telescopes are set up at the Rijswijk petanque club Amicale Boule d’Argent at the Lupinepad 1. On both days you are between 20.00 and 22.30 hours welcome. Inside there are presentations and outside you can of course stare through the telescopes.

National Stargazing Days

In clear weather you can see a lot during the National Stargazing Days. The organization indicates: “Early in the evening, before 20. hours, you can see the planets Venus and Jupiter above the western horizon. The planet Mars is in the sky all evening. The moon can be seen as a narrow crescent in the evening sky this weekend. The lunar craters and the vast, almost smooth lunar seas are clearly visible thanks to the shadow effect.” In short: if you know what to look at, you will see a lot this weekend!

Other activities

The National Stargazing Days are organized by the Royal Dutch Association for Weather and Astronomy (KNVWS). The employees of the KNVWS give lectures and prepare teaching material about astronomy for teachers. In addition, the KNVWS organizes the Night of the Night, among other things.

Fine conclusion to the National Stargazing Days; the activities in The Hague and Rijswijk are all free this weekend.

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