Uber has given its own app a major makeover. “The biggest redesign in years”, the originally American taxi platform calls it itself. Tens of millions of Uber users across 22 cities worldwide will receive 22 February an update for the redesigned app.

“The redesign of the app is more intuitive and easier to set up, which makes the app more user-friendly for all users”, says Uber itself about the end result.

In addition to the appearance of the app, the taxi platform is also introducing a new way for users to follow a ride. “The app now supports live events for users with iPhones running iOS 16 (or a later version). With the new update, you can easily track the real-time progress of the booked ride on your phone’s lock screen. This way you don’t have to unlock your phone every time to view the status of your ride.”

Switch Finally informs Uber that users of the app can now effortlessly switch between ‘Rides’ and ‘Eats ‘. “Uber has simplified the home screen of the app so that users can quickly choose between booking taxi rides or ordering a meal through Uber Eats. The new home screen also includes a “Service” tab that provides an overview of all available ride types and delivery options, and an “Activities” tab, where users can track all past and future rides and orders in one place.”

“Pleasant Refreshment” Jen You, Head of Products for Rides at Uber, is pleased with this development. “This update is the first in a series of updates to make using the app even more intuitive, simpler and more personal. The innovations are the biggest changes to the design of the Uber app in years, touching nearly every aspect of the customer experience. We hope this revamped Uber experience will be a pleasant refreshment for users.”

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