Schiphol is gradually expanding the number of travelers that can depart from the end of March. The average number of daily departing passengers increases by 40% from 40.000 in the last winter period to 66.000 in the May holiday. On peak days during the May holidays, the number of departing travelers will be well above 66.000 lie. Schiphol believes that a five percent reduction in the busy morning peak is necessary to reduce the risk of unacceptable delays for travelers at check-in, security checks and passport control. This means that 5% fewer seats can be booked. The number of passengers that can depart from Schiphol is 31% higher than the number of travelers during the May holidays 2022 (average 58.000 travelers) took off and just below the numbers of 2019, pre-covid, then average 72.000 travelers per day. Average number of passengers during the May holidays 1676996730461 1676996730461 1676996730461


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