We love food, we prefer to enjoy good dishes together with our friends. A food festival is all about food and you can often try many different snacks and drinks; sounds like an ideal getaway to us. This spring and summer, food trucks will drive to The Hague again. You can already put these food festivals in your agenda, perhaps there will be more later this year. Do you have any tips? Mail near The Hague.


Are you hungry for good food and drinks? Rrollend, one of the most famous food truck festivals, is coming to The Hague with a special winter edition. From Thursday 16 March to Sunday 16 March there will be several food trucks with food and drinks on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. It’s a winter edition, so that means mulled wine and hot chocolate for four days.

The Hague World Snacks

Put this tip in your agenda: during the Pentecost weekend, from 26 May through Monday 14 May is food festival Haagse Wereld Hapjes in The Hague. At the food festival there are several restaurants in The Hague where you can taste all kinds of dishes. There will also be a VIP dinner.

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