We have been waiting for the arrival of Taco Bell since the summer. And now it’s time. The Mexican fast food restaurant on Vlamingstraat opened last weekend, and the wraps, nachos and burritos almost flew over the counter.

This is finally the first location of Taco Bell in The Hague. We waited a while, but now you can really order crunch wraps, burrito bowls and of course tacos.

Taco Bell and The Hague

In the first Dutch branch of Taco Bell opened in Eindhoven, followed by business in Tilburg and Breda, and The Hague was also planned. But suddenly all Dutch branches closed.

“Despite our success, we are disappointed that our franchisee will close all three locations in the Netherlands,” said the spokesperson. The sudden closure is said to be the result of a ‘management restructuring’. “At this time, we have no additional information regarding a reopening,” the press release read 2018.

Now, five years later, the time has finally come. A Taco Bell can now also be found in The Hague. Where? On the Vlamingstraat 35, next to the Jamin.

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