Fancy a fun outing in The Hague? Come to Museon from 17 February 2023. -Omniverse and discover the magical underwater world. See National Geographic’s brand new Pristine Seas photo exhibition, enjoy the impressive big screen film Secrets of the Sea in the unique dome theater and participate in fun activities for young and old.

More than 70 percent of our planet consists of seas and oceans. The most special animals and plants live in that mysterious underwater world. It is important to protect it, because life on earth is closely connected to it. Museon-Omniversum is committed to a liveable earth and this spring focuses on the seas and oceans that our planet is rich in. Instructive, but also just very cool to see!

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Unique photo exhibition

From 17 February you can come and see the new exhibition Pristine Seas. Such 60 photos by National Geographic photographers show how their Pristine Seas team is helping to create marine protected areas. From expeditions along tropical coral reefs to icebergs: you get a unique insight into the underwater world. “The goal is to immerse visitors in the beauty of the seas and oceans while showing why we should preserve them,” said Kathryn Keane of National Geographic.

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Watch a movie like never before

Have you never been to the theater of Museon-Omniversum? Imagine a cinema, but with a huge dome screen of 70 square meters so that you almost feel like you are in the film. The new film Secrets of the Sea features the strangest and most spectacular ocean creatures you’ve never seen before. In the film of minutes, you can see how important maritime biodiversity is and discover the fascinating way in which the animals interact with each other. and interact with their environment.

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Fun activities

In addition to enjoying the exhibition and the large-screen film, you can also dive into the depths yourself with all kinds of activities during the spring break and during the holidays and weekends in the spring. How about a family tour, folding origami fish, taking part in a fish quiz or tasting algae shakes? Quickly arrange tickets for Museon-Omniversum and experience it!

Tip: many more impressive nature films are shown at Museon- Omniverse. You really have to see The Arctic, for example. With a Museum card you can view as many as you want during the day, completely free of charge. There are also permanent exhibitions in the context of our eternally fascinating earth. Whether you come for spring break or not, there is plenty to discover! 2023

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