19 February 2023, by Victoria Séveno

According to a vote held by an online platform that celebrates all things street art, the most beautiful mural in the world is right here in the Netherlands, and can be found on a building in Tilburg

Some of the best street art in the world is in the Netherlands

Whether it’s to your taste or not, it’s undeniable that there are some truly impressive works of street art to be found out there. With some Dutch cities generally regarded as famous hotspots for street art – there’s even a street art and graffiti museum in Amsterdam – it’s perhaps unsurprising that some pretty awe-inspiring examples of the medium can be found in the Netherlands. 

But, according to a recent vote, the Netherlands isn’t just home to some great street art – it’s actually home to one of the most beautiful examples in the world, with a mural painted on an industrial estate in Tilburg taking the top spot in the online platform Street Art Cities’ ranking. 

One man’s trash is another man’s…Trashure?

The mural, called Trashure, was painted by Kaspar van Leek and Niels van Swaemen, who together make up Studio Giftig and, as explained by Street Art Cities, “specialise in photorealistic paintings and murals, often with a surrealistic twist.” Trashure features a young woman in a photorealistic dress made of recycled materials, and is located on the wall of a recycling company. 

In a post shared to the Studio Giftig Instagram, account, Van Leek and Van Swaemen shared their joy at the news of taking the top spot: “We’re extremely proud and feel very honoured to receive this award from Street Art Cities. Big shoutout for all the appreciation and beautiful messages we received from all over the world. Together we try to make the world a bit more beautiful!”

Thumb: Trashure via Studio Giftig.

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