We would like to introduce these ladies to you! Mother Lora (89) and daughter Bibi (2016). They temporarily live in the shelter because their owner could no longer care for them. The shelter staff hoped that the dogs could have a merry Christmas with their new owner last December. Unfortunately, they couldn’t look for a new home then, but now they’re ready for it!

Bibi could not be placed yet because she has bladder problems had. These have now been resolved, but she does need special food. But otherwise nothing stands in the way of the couple to look for a loving new home.

Mother and daughter

Bibi and Lora each have their own character. Lora is a bit more enterprising while Bibi lets it all happen and thinks it’s all fine. Bibi also had to get used to her mother’s faster walking pace. Lora has quite the pace, while Bibi wants to sniff everywhere in a dreamy, unhurried way. They certainly have one thing in common: in bad weather they prefer not to step outside the door. If they forgot to check the rain radar and got wet on the way, they rub their hair dry against a thick duvet. Both ladies also find fireworks very scary. They prefer to hide then.

As far as other dogs are concerned, Lora can often put on a big mouth and lunge. During a walk with three other shelter dogs, however, it turned out that she soon dropped out (except for a small growl) and accepted that there were apparently three others besides Bibi. In their previous house, the ladies were neatly potty trained and they could also stay home alone for a while, of course a new house is always exciting and will have to be built up slowly.


Have you always wanted to have two sweet ladies in your house? Don’t you mind Bibi having to eat diet food for the rest of her life? Send an email with information about your home situation, how long the ladies should be able to stay home alone and whether you have other pets. You can send the email to:


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