Would you like to experience something really special with your children during the spring break? Then visit KrokusKabaal 2023: the traveling theater festival in The Hague. Here you can read what can be experienced during this special crocus festival in The Hague.

KrokusKabaal 1920

From Saturday 25 February to with Friday 3 March, the Haagse Cultuurankers will open their doors to children from 0 to 10 years for CrocusNoisy 2023. There are already performances for children from 6 months. Many of the performances can be seen in various places in the city. There is always something to experience in your neighborhood for every age.

What can you expect? Among other things, theater performances, workshops, good food and much more. This year the cooperating culture anchors 10 celebrate their anniversary with this cheerful party, among other things. The price for a ticket is from 3 euros to a maximum of 5 euros. At the libraries, all admission is free!

What is RaaR?!

The theme of KrokusKabaal 2023 is What is RaaR ?! You can take that however you want. Do you like weird hair, weird clothes, weird performances and more weird things? Then you will enjoy yourself at one of the ten cultural locations that participate in the festival. Don’t feel like dressing up or putting on make-up? No problem, everyone is welcome! If you change your mind, you can have your hair done on the spot or have a wacky caricature of yourself made.

A sneak peek of the veil

Curious about what there is to see? Among other things, the performance Blip Blip. It’s about a man and his robot. It is a performance with a lot of physical humour, drawings and live music. Or go to the performance I would like a child, about a crocodile who sometimes wants to eat something other than bananas. This performance is a party for young and old!

See here more about the program and where you can find all the fun shows and activities.

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