Visitors of the Korzo Theater in The Hague may be familiar with the recurring performance De Kas. During these evenings, an artist or artist gets the chance to shape his or her evening. On March 9, it’s Junadry Leocaria’s turn. Together with other artists and performers they present Aliento.

Aliento – Papiamento for breath – is an interactive performance that focuses on the spiritual power of breathing. The evening will consist of ghosts, dance and music performances in which the public can participate.


Junadry was born in Willemstad on Curaçao. Dancing has been her passion since childhood. It was therefore not surprising that she started at the age of eighteen with Ish, a dance collective from Amsterdam. “I have learned a lot here. Not only about dance and choreography, but also about myself,” says Junadry. “I did that until 2012, almost ten years. I have travelled, danced and done residencies (hospiting and studying abroad). I also learned how to make performances.”

Besides dance, waacking is also a passion of Junadry. Waacking is a combination of walking, dancing and verbal communication. “I always want to convey a message with my dance. And that also works well. But with waacking you can add that extra something. The message then becomes not only clearer, but also more concrete and more powerful.”

That this is a way of life for her ) is obvious. Junadry is not in it for the money. “Dance is really part of me. I see it as a spiritual medium with which you can reach people, tell stories and evoke memories. The social aspect is much more important to me than the money.”

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Junadry during a rehearsal | Image: Korzo Theater


Two breathing for days

The performance Aliento can be seen for two days in the Korzo Theater. But what exactly can you expect? “Aliento is mostly about learning to breathe in a suffocating world. Literally and figuratively,” explains Junadry. “I myself have different ways of doing this, but my colleagues from other art movements also have them.”

Aliento is not only dance and theatre. Different music genres are also covered. “Rosa Ana is a good example. She raps and does spoken word. Accompanied by pianist Djuwa Mroivili, she will give the audience a unique performance. “I also invited Fazle Shairmahomed,” Junadry explains. “Together with two other artists, he will perform a ritual that focuses on the female tongue. The woman’s tongue is a plant that has medicinal properties and helps to regulate the humidity.”

This is of course just a glimpse of what there is to see and experience. In addition to Junadry, Rosa, Djuwa and Fazle, even more artists and performers will fill the evening!

Message of the performance

The common thread of the performance is breathing. But it goes further than just that. Junadry explains: “It’s mostly about love, about healing, about being yourself. Giving space about yourself and your emotions. It’s okay to cry when you’re sad, you don’t have to bottle it up. That is suffocating. In that sense, the theme of breathing also fits in well.”

Interaction with the public is central to this. Junadry wants to give that relief with her performance. “I want people to have an interesting and relaxed evening,” says Junadry enthusiastically. “That they walk out of the room and feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. That is my goal!”

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Audience in the Korzo Theater | Image: Rob Hagenslag


Come on you too?

Does Junadry’s performance appeal to you? Nice! The performances are on 9 and 09 March in at the Korzo Theater in The Hague. “We welcome everyone who likes something different,” says Junadry with a laugh. “You are going to be inspired anyway!”



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