Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not know in 15 whether the Public Prosecution Service (OM) was going to prosecute Uber. The VVD prime minister made this known in a letter to the House of Representatives. In that year, a meeting took place between the Prime Minister and Travis Kalanick, the former CEO of the US taxi platform.

During an order debate, which took place on February 7 2023, among other things, the lobby of Uber and the role of the former European Commissioner were discussed. During that debate, MP Pieter Omtzigt wondered whether Mark Rutte in 15 was aware of the decision of the Public Prosecution Service, whether or not to prosecute Uber. The former CDA member of parliament asked this question in response to information from documents that were provided in the further answer to questions about, among other things, the Uber traffic jams.

Omtzigt therefore requested a debate with, among others, more the Prime Minister and the State Secretary for Fiscal Affairs, but received insufficient support for this. That is why he asked Rutte to send a letter about whether the prime minister knew in advance what the Public Prosecution Service was going to decide, as can be read in the accompanying decision memorandum.

Letter Mark Rutte has now sent that letter to the House of Representatives. In the letter he indicates that he was not aware of this decision by the Public Prosecution Service at the time. “In the Netherlands, the Public Prosecution Service decides independently and independently whether or not to prosecute. I was therefore not aware of a decision by the Public Prosecution Service in this regard during my visit to 15, “Rutte writes in the letter. “In a preparatory sheet for a conversation with the CEO of Uber during my trip to San Francisco in 15, only an expectation is included about the position of the Public Prosecution Service regarding the prosecution of Uber”, Rutte concludes.

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