In America, a Chinese spy balloon was recently shot down from the sky. Is spies being spied in Scheveningen now, or is something else going on? A report has been made at the UFO Reporting Center of a strange object in the air near Scheveningen.

On the website of UFO Meldpunt Nederland reports are made about Unidentified flying objects in the Netherlands. Of course, that does not always have to be about extraterrestrial activities, it can also simply come from people. There is therefore an explanation for many of the observations, but not for all of them.

UFO over Scheveningen

At 21 January, just before 21.00 hours, Christian spotted a strange object for the cinema in Scheveningen. “While viewing this object, it hardly moved. Throughout minutes, the object floated very slowly once to the left and right, and twice up and down,” the report said.

Christian is not the only one who has seen the dark object, and a few days later the same object was spotted in other cities such as Nijmegen and Venray. An explanation for the object has not yet been given. The editors of the UFO Meldpunt Nederland thought of a kite, but Christian thinks not. Because according to him, the object hung much too still for that: “As if it was screwed in the air. The movements that this object did make were completely rectilinear. Only horizontally and vertically without twisting or changing shape.”

Watch the video here:

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