“Fine fish in Kreesiedentie, we’re going again”, sings Lamme Frans in his party number. The singer made a carnival song and mentions various Dutch cities in it. So is The Hague, or Kreesidence.

The alter ego of Rob Janssen, born in Gelderland, is Lamme Frans. You may know the pacesetter from the carnival cover ‘All in one’ and the party number ‘Wakker met een bier’. In addition to his carnival character, Rob is a DJ at 3FM.

A really nice party

Lamme Frans has slightly adjusted his carnival song from last year, so that our city also appears in the number. The song bears the title: Fijnfisjenie. No idea what that means? In some cities in Brabant, this dialect means ‘Have a nice party, isn’t it?’ This sentence is often spoken during carnival and is used every year by Omroep Brabant as a carnival slogan.

‘Fine fish in Kreesiedentie’

Lamme Frans incorporated this statement into a song and made a version for many Dutch cities. Curious how that sounds for The Hague? Listen to ‘Fijnfisjenie in Kreesiedentie’ here.


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