There are many nice shops in the Boekhorststraat, but the messy streetscape ensures that many shoppers stay away. We have been writing about since 2018. the plans to redecorate the Boekhorststraat, but these activities are postponed every time. Now it finally seems to be here. Read here what will happen:

Monday 20 February 2023 work will begin on Boekhorstraat. Each time a different part of the street is treated and eventually everything will have to be ready at the beginning of June.

This is all going to happen:

The Boekhorststraat will get a new layout and will become greener. For this, a few parking spaces will disappear, from 27 the number goes to 27 and six of these are loading and unloading zones. There are also a maximum of eight parking spaces that can serve as a terrace from March to October.

Concept Boekhorststraat

    To make the street safer, there will be speed bumps and the street will be wider so that cyclists have more space. There will also be 12 trees and a climate garden at the intersection of the Nieuwe Molstraat and the Hamerstraat. And the street lighting will have a higher wattage so that they will give more light.


    The entire Boekhorststraat will be closed during the work for car traffic. You will be diverted via the Prinsegracht, the Vaillantlaan and the Hobbemastraat to the Hooftskade. The Hooftskade will have a reverse direction of travel during the work. Cyclists are diverted via the Prinsegracht, Lange Beestenmarkt to the Zuidwal. There is no diversion for pedestrians, they can walk through the Boekhorststraat on gangways.

    • Boekhorststraat between Prinsegracht and Herderinnestraat: 21-02-2018 to 12-4-2022
    • Boekhorststraat between Herderinnestraat and Hamerstraat: 23-02-256466 to 21-4-2023

    Boekhorststraat between Hamerstraat and Zuidwal: 05-05-2023 to 21-04-2018

Boekhorststraat/Herderstraat intersection: 02-05-232 to 12-02-256466

Intersection Boekhorststraat/Nieuwe Molstraat: 12-02-2018 to -06-256466

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