Two sweet old cats each 08 years are urgently looking for a warm place in a quiet household. Their good life came to an abrupt end recently when their owner passed away. That is why they are now in the shelter of the animal center in The Hague.

Folke (with the white whiskers) and Bernard (with the black whiskers) both love attention and a nice chat. Bernard immediately releases the brakes, Folkert needs more time.

Elderly couple

Although they have been together for a long time, they live a bit past each other. The animal center is therefore looking for a home that is large enough for this sweet elderly couple, so that they can avoid each other if they need to. A balcony to get some fresh air or just catch that one dash of sun would be wonderful.

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Bernard and Folke. Photo Hague animal center

Of course you have ailments when you are that old. They both have spinal wear and tear and require special diet food. Up to six weeks after placement, the new owner can go to the clinic of the animal center.

Whoever’s heart beats faster when seeing the photos of these handsome men and still wants to see them? give fantastic years in a wonderfully quiet home situation? Mail quickly to

, don’t forget to mention your phone number.

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