Jan, son of an antiques dealer from The Hague, takes part in the TV program ‘Van Onschatbare Waarde’. What do the experts have to say about the artwork he brought with him? And even better, what price could she sell the artwork for?

So the program works: The art connoisseurs receive sellers in their own room in Soestdijk Palace. There they make an offer on the artwork. The seller either accepts the offer or chooses to move on to the next room. Smart negotiation is a must, because once an offer has been accepted or declined, there is no turning back.

Cash box

The first seller is Jan. The son of an antique dealer from The Hague brings a small wrought iron money box. The painted box is in the collection in the years ’30. from his father. Jan bets on 200 euros, but is that realistic?

Van Onschatbare Waarde

Dionne Stax presents the program and the art connoisseurs are Arnold Wegh, Bert Degenaar, Bianca Frölich and Bas Jonker. Of Inestimable Value is from Monday 13 February every Monday at 13.50 hours to see at MAX on NPO1.

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