A kitten was stuck in a very inconvenient place last week, namely behind the grille of a car. This was in the parking lot on the Princess Beatrixlaan and the animal ambulance had to come to save the animal. That was quite a job for which they even had to call in the fire brigade.

The owner of the car had been trying to loosen the sealant for some time, but nothing worked. The employees of the Animal Ambulance were also unable to free the frightened kitten.

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Photo Animal Ambulance

Fire brigade

Finally the fire brigade was called. They removed the entire grille and everything around it so that the kitten could finally be freed.

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Photo Animal Ambulance

Fortunately, the owner of the cat came forward quickly. Region had published the incident and the lady happened to see her kitten pass by. The kitten is called Pukkie and is five months old. An exciting adventure in his early life. Hopefully he will stay out of trouble from now on!

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