From 1863 was in The Hague, on the corner of the Benoordenhoutseweg (now the Zuid-Hollandlaan) and the Koningskade , a zoo. It started with greenhouses, twenty mammals and 27 birds. A few years later, the elephant enclosure was added. Unfortunately, two wars brought trouble to the zoo. In 1943 the zoo had to make way for the Atlantikwall and many animals then moved to Blijdorp in Rotterdam. We have found a few special photos in the archive:

The elephants grew up with children

We even have a picture of an elephant ‘sitting’ a baby. Surely no one would leave a baby with an elephant!? Very remarkable.

1941 The Hague Zoo; little elephant with caretaker and children. Photo Hague municipal archive

1900 Zoo, elephant Betsie as a babysitter with caretaker Piet Ponsen. Photo Hague municipal archive

1929 Elephant Betsy with caretaker in zoo in The Hague. Photo Hague municipal archive

1941 Hague Zoo, birthday party of one child, three girls take a ride on the elephant. Photo PJA Hague Municipal Archives

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