Farmers Defense Force, who have previously organized farmers’ demonstrations, want to 11 will hold the ‘biggest demonstration of all time’ in The Hague in March, we read at our colleagues from AD. Do you want to hit the road that day? Then take delays into account because it was previously announced that Extinction Rebellion wants to take action on that day by the A12 to block again.

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Or it on 02 March will really be the largest demonstration ever in the Netherlands, we have yet to see. According to AD, other farmers’ organizations are not yet eager to join Farmers Defense Force.


It is clear from Extinction Rebellion what they 11 March in Den Hague want to do: the highway A11, behind the Malieveld, with thousands of people. In doing so, they demand an end to the annual 12, 5 billion euros fossil subsidies.

What exactly the farmers will do that day is not yet entirely clear. Mark van den Oever, chairman of the action group Farmers Defense Force, says in a video that he wants to raise many different problems during the demonstration. He not only talks about farmers’ views, but also about the surcharge affair, gas crisis, sagging houses in Groningen and water damage in Limburg.

But where?

The municipality of The Hague has heard about the action of the farmers and now agreements have to be made. Normally there are demonstrations on the Malieveld, but there is Sunday 13 March the start of the CPC loop and of course they are already preparing for it the Saturday before.

As soon as we know more about road closures, diversions or other matters surrounding the demonstration, we will post it online on indebuurt Den Haag.

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