Amour, love, liebe, amor: in every language there is a word for love. Fortunately, because all you need is love! This is also the case in The Hague.

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Various residents have simply found their love in our city, but there are also people who have moved to The Hague from abroad or elsewhere in the Netherlands for love. We are looking for these romantic souls.

You may not be thinking about it yet, but Valentine’s Day is almost here! At indebuurt we like to share nice, beautiful, sugary, romantic and special stories about this day of love.

Boundlessly in love

We need you for that! We are looking for residents who are boundlessly in love and have moved to The Hague for their relationship. We are curious about your love story, what it is like to live in The Hague, what do you miss about your home country and/or your previous place of residence and what you – besides your sweetheart of course – love most in The Hague.

Tell your story

Send an email with your details, your story and a nice photo of you and your lover to Den 713910101631181 stating ‘moved for love’. Then we will contact you.


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