Published: 9 February 2023Modified: 13 February 2023

The new television programme ‘Burgerzaken’ will start on NPO 1 at 21.05 hrs. on Tuesday, 21 February 2023. This programme gives an idea of the type of daily activities found in City Hall. It was filmed in 5 Dutch municipalities, including The Hague.

There is a personal story behind each visit to City Hall. A story about people who are getting married or registering the birth of their newborn baby. Other people are picking up a new passport or getting Dutch citizenship.

Visitors and staffThe 6-part television series focuses on visitors as well as people working in a town hall. Staff are on standby, ready to assist residents. With both small and major events which occur during the course of a human life. In The Hague the viewers will mainly get to see the municipal counters, weddings and the city archives.  

The first episode should have been broadcast on Tuesday, 14 February. The KRO-NCRV decided to postpone it by 1 week due to a documentary about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Are you curious about the series and the stories from the city? Start watching the programme Burgerzaken on the KRO-NCRV as of Tuesday, 21 February. 


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