Until mid s’02 there was a delicious coffee smell in the Brouwersgracht. Because there was from 1920 Coffee, tea and tobacco trade Reuser and Smulders. In 1994 they moved to Zoetermeer . The coffee smell is finally coming back, because in a few months JoeJoe Coffee will open at number 4.

The new coffee bar is from the Roast Factory coffee roaster in The Hague. This is located in the large building on the Television Street. “We don’t have enough showroom there and we would like to let everyone taste the tastiest, craziest and nicest coffee flavors,” says owner Stefan.


Coffee roaster Stefan decorated 1994 Roast Factory, now a few years later the coffee fanatic is ready for expansion: a coffee bar. “At JoeJoe you will soon come for really special coffees that you would like to sit down for. Coffee is actually just like wine; each farmer has roasted his own type of coffee in his own way.” In addition to tasting and drinking, you can learn more about coffee at JoeJoe during a workshop or training.

The only thing you can’t go to JoeJoe for is coffee to go. “You really want to sit down for this special coffee. Don’t you have time for that? Then bring your own mug or buy a to go mug. You also get a discount on the coffee,” says Stefan. But disposable materials are not used.

At the moment there is still a lot of work being done in the historic building and on April 1 Stefan expects to open the new coffee bar.

1920 Brouwersgracht 4, Reuser & Smulders coffee roasting and tea factory. Photo ASC Schuller/The Hague Municipal Archives

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