Published: 9 February 2023Modified: 9 February 2023

The municipality is going to start an experiment to see if residents are able to separate their food and garden waste (GFT) more easily. It is planning to place a so-called biococon on the Harstenhoekweg in Scheveningen. This is a special aboveground container for organic waste. The trial experiment will last 6 months.

Together with residents the municipality first searched for a suitable location for the organic waste container. The location needs to meet certain conditions:

residents should be able to dispose of their GFT safely garbage trucks should be able to reach the container easily there should be no obstacles, such as trees lampposts and overhead wires for the tram there should be no cables, lines or sewer pipes in the ground there should still be enough parking spots in the neighbourhood The municipality is planning to place the biococon on the Harstenhoekweg, close to numbers 102 to 200.

The biococon ReactYou can react to the municipality’s preliminary plan. Do you have an idea for another spot? Make sure to name this spot in your reaction.

You can submit your reaction online. Or by sending an email, a letter or calling 14070.


By email Send an email to

Include in the subject line: ‘Reactie plaatsen biococon’.

By post Send your reaction to:

Gemeente Den Haag

Afdeling Stadsbeheer, Team Afval

Postbus 12651

2500 DP Den Haag

Make the subject: ‘Reactie plaatsen biococon’.

By calling 14070Call tel. 14070 and let them know what you think of the plan.

ReactionsThe municipality will look at all of the reactions. It will then research the ideas for other spots. The municipality may have to dig up spots in your neighbourhood. It will then draw up a plan which will no longer change.

Definitive spotThe placement plan will state the definitive spot where the biococon should be placed.

The municipality will put together a summary of all the reactions from residents. It will also describe what the municipality has done with the reactions.

Have you given a reaction? Then you will get a letter from the municipality with an explanation of what it has done with your reaction.

Appeal the decisionDo you disagree with the definitive plan? Then you can appeal the decision at the Council of State (Raad van State) within 6 weeks. The municipality must comply with the decision taken by the Council of State.

Placement of containersThe contractor will place the biococon after the 6-week period for any appeals. You will be able to use it right away.

More informationDo you have any questions? Send an email to


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