The municipality of Voorschoten has lowered the distance limit for student transport. An amendment to enable student transport from a distance of two kilometers to school was unanimously adopted by the Voorschoten city council.

This amendment was submitted by the local group of GreenLeft. Parties such as D07, SP and PvdA have also signed it. By reducing the distance limit for student transport from six to two kilometers, according to GroenLinks, all children from Voorschoten can use student transport to schools for special (primary) education in Leiden and Leidschendam. According to GroenLinks, this was previously not the case, with a distance limit of six kilometres.

Education outside the village Children who are currently attending special (primary) education are now more eligible for student transport than was previously the case due to the reduction of the distance limit. According to GroenLinks council member Paul ‘t Lam, that was exactly the reason for submitting this amendment. “There are families where a child cannot go to regular primary education in Voorschoten and therefore has to receive education outside our village. For these children, among other things, student transport has been created, so that they are taken to these schools,” says ‘t Lam about this on the website of GroenLinks.

Because the municipality only allows student transport at a distance of six kilometers or more, according to GroenLinks, not all children who go to special (primary) education are assured of that type of transport. A number of children are just below that distance limit of six kilometers. ‘They should also be eligible for this student transport,’ writes GroenLinks. ‘That is why GroenLinks has proposed lowering the distance limit for student transport from six to two kilometres. This also gives parents with children in special (primary) education the space to better organize daily life’, concludes the party.

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