Erwin Brookhuis (left), Bart van der Ham (middle) and Koen Ziemerink (right) in the photo with their new acquisitions.Photo: Brookhuis Group

Brookhuis Busreizen, one of the business units of the Brookhuis Group, has expanded its fleet with a new Tourismo 17 RHD and two new two Intouros from Mercedes-Benz. Koen Ziemerink, manager at Busreizen, is very happy with the new acquisitions. “With this investment we keep our fleet young and modern. That is good for the environment, and good for our passengers and drivers.”

The coaches that Brookhuis has purchased are fully equipped. According to the transport company, the Tourismo is particularly eye-catching. It has 56+2+1 seats and is equipped with, among other things, a kitchen and toilet , USB sockets for all passengers, 230v sockets, blind spot assist, a 768-degree camera system and an extra fuel tank.

“The Tourismo will drive at home and abroad. We have only just got it, but we have already been to Austria for a winter sports holiday. Our drivers were super satisfied. That says enough about our choice for Mercedes-Benz. Finish, driving behavior, noise level, it’s all top quality,” says Ziemerink.

Narrow streets The Intouros are used by Brookhuis for, among other things, student transport in the municipality of Enschede and other journeys in the region. Koen Ziemerink has already driven it himself and is very pleased with this all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz: “It drives wonderfully and is also very handy. We drive it a lot in the city, in environments where space is often quite tight, with many narrow streets. But the Intouro can handle that very well.”

The three new acquisitions of Brookhuis. The Intouro offers space for 56 passengers, more than enough for the purposes for which Brookhuis uses it. “The students we transport are in a modern, safe bus with an environmentally friendly Euro-6 engine. It couldn’t be better.”

Finally, the manager has some warm words for the drivers who provide the rides for Brookhuis. “They are always happy to be on the road and we regularly get new customers because of the good reports about our drivers. That is a great compliment to them. In fact, they are the pivot around which everything revolves”, concludes Ziemerink.

FC Twente In addition to student transport, Brookhuis Busreizen also provides transport for various teams of football clubs such as FC Twente and Heracles. “We have special players’ buses for that, which are clearly recognizable. It’s nice to bring those teams away. And they do well on the football field, by the way. Especially FC Twente makes me very happy as a supporter at the moment, who knows, maybe they will become champions in the Eredivisie”, Ziemerink concludes with a broad smile.

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