Next week there will be another strike in The Hague and you will certainly notice that. 12, 13 and 15 February the streets are no longer cleaned and garbage cans are not emptied. They do this because they want a better collective labor agreement.

About four hundred employees of the Haags Veegbedrijf will stop working next week and then the sweepers do not drive through the streets of The Hague and the garbage cans are not emptied.

Who is on strike

As it looks now, only the sweeping company is on strike in The Hague. So make sure you clean up your dog’s turd and don’t accidentally drop papers or bags out of your jacket pocket, because no one else will clean it up after you.

The garbage collectors are not on strike in The Hague, so the garbage is simply collected. There is a chance that the boas will also stop working and therefore not issue parking fines, but that is not yet official.

There is a strike because the municipal officials are dissatisfied with their wages. They want an increase of 12%. They think that increase is necessary to compensate for the high inflation and the higher salary is also necessary to make the work more attractive in the tight labor market.

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