Doesn’t that sound delicious to you? That you never have to shave, wax or epilate again? That saves a lot of time and thinking and planning. With the laser hair removal treatments of De Huidkliniek you get a radiant and hairless skin. The nice thing is: if you book your treatments now, you will receive two treatments at , the third one free.

The hair is professionally removed with a laser. After each treatment, the hair becomes thinner and less. After all treatments, they stay away permanently. How nice?! Much is written and told about it, but what is actually true and not true about the laser treatments ? You read it here.

It stays away

Do the hairs really stay gone forever? Of course! The hair follicles are damaged in such a way that they eventually stay away. Don’t worry: damaging those hair follicles happens and is safe. On average, eight to ten treatments are required for optimal results.

Not in summer

Not true. Your body can also be depilated in the summer. That is another great development: laser treatments can now take place all year round. So you don’t have to find a specific time in your calendar for it. Top!

Permanent removal only for brown hair

Whether you’re blonde, red or have gray hair: all hair colors can be removed permanently. These hair colors are not removed with a laser, but with electric epilation. It is therefore not true that only brown- or black-haired people can be helped with the problem of unwanted hair growth. The way is just slightly different.

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The professional at work and Myrthe is blond | Photo: The Skin Clinic

Ingrown hairs

Would you also like to get rid of your ingrown hairs? A laser treatment also comes to the rescue! Just imagine: no more irritated skin. That sounds good, huh? Laser hair removal is ideal if you want to get rid of your ingrown hairs.

IPL is just as effective

Didn’t you know yet: that is a fable. With IPL, more treatments are needed and the hairs can grow back. So it does not provide the desired result. It has been proven that the laser is best suited for permanent hair removal. Also for smaller surfaces.

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Your eyes are well protected | Photo: The Skin Clinic

You can continue to epilate

Don’t! When you undergo a laser treatment, you can only shave beforehand. Epilation or waxing removes your hair follicle, so the laser can’t find the hair follicle to destroy. So that is not convenient.

A laser treatment is harmful

You may already know the answer to that: a laser treatment is of course not harmful. The skin therapists at De Huidkliniek are trained to safely remove your hair, so you don’t have to worry about that. Your skin can react to such a treatment. For example, think of redness, swelling or warmth. This often subsides quickly.

100 percent hairless

After a hair removal treatment, hairs always remain behind. These hairs have become very thin, so you can hardly see or feel them and so they are not disturbing. There is some advice for this: come once a year for a ‘maintenance appointment’ for a few hairs that are left.

Lasing is not possible with a tattoo

That’s true. No hair can be removed from the place of your tattoo. Doing so can damage the tattoo and make the skin very irritated. Of course you don’t want that!

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Hair growth is reduced by waxing

A nice message for all resin fans among us: that’s right! If you epilate or wax for a longer period of time, you will notice that the hairs on the body become thinner and sometimes less. It works slightly differently on the face: the hairs can come back when you wax or epilate it. A laser hair removal treatment is therefore a good solution to this problem.


And? Did you already know everything about laser hair removal? Now it is. If you also suffer from unwanted hair growth, now is the time to make an appointment. You get the third treatment for free! Make your appointment quickly via the website of De Huidkliniek .


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