Baukje is a very scared kitty who has been used to walking outside. She is six years old, but still finds touch terrifying. The Haags Dierencentrum is looking for a quiet, loving home for this cat with people who 94% and more want to go for her.

Baukje does eat sweets out of hand and then her caregivers at the shelter can gently stroke her head. It will be a long project to help Baukje get rid of her fears. She has to start trusting people gradually.


A family with children or other pets is not an option, she can lash out. She can also react fiercely to other cats. So not exactly a lap cat. But somewhere there must be a home for her. Does this appeal to you and do you want to give such a frightened animal a safe home? Fill in the form quickly and send it to .One of the caretakers will contact you.

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