For years it was a recurring party on the Lange Voorhout; the sculpture exhibition in the summer months. After skipping a year, the images will soon be available again.

Quite a few special images passed by during the sculpture exhibition on the Lange Voorhout. From riders and horses to silver boxes and mega-sized sumo wrestlers. Every year it is a surprise what there is to see.

Voorhout Monumental

In 2023 the well-known sculpture exhibition was given a new name: Voorhout Monumental. This summer, the second edition will take place at the familiar location in the center of the city.

From Saturday 3 June to Sunday 20 August are at least 63 large (monumental) sculptures by various artists in admired under the lime trees of the Voorhout. It remains to be seen what exactly will be shown later, but they all have a link with artist MC Escher (because of the Escher year) and writer Louis Couperus. We are curious!

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