Healthy hotspot alert! Would you like to eat vegan, but are you tired of the standard salads? Then order something delicious at Greenrebel in The Hague on the Stationsweg. The menu includes delicious and renewed vegan wraps, burgers and salads. Is your mouth watering already? And the nice thing is: until 20 February you get two Dutch Dandy burgers for the price of one!

The food at Greenrebel is anything but boring. It is especially very tasty! In addition, they only work with honest and fresh products: everything is completely plant-based. Also nice and sustainable.

Healthy, healthier, healthiest

Plant-based comfort food – that’s Greenrebel’s slogan. But did you know that there are only healthy choices on the menu? No animal products, e-numbers or meat substitutes are used. So you know for sure that you get enough veggies . That is one hundred percent enjoyment without feeling guilty. Exactly how many calories you consume is stated next to the food on the menu.

Delicious food up close

You can see it all around you: at many restaurants or food spots more and more vegetarian or vegan dishes are on the menu. Erwin, founder of Greenrebel, says: “We really develop our own recipes. Two questions are central to making this: ‘how do we make it really tasty’ and ‘with which partners do we work together?’

‘To set an example of a collaboration, give: we work with a greengrocer from the Netherlands. We try to collect all the vegetables we need from him. We always try to get it up close,” continues Erwin. This way you support Dutch farmers at the same time and your climate footprint remains small!

Own recipes

So own recipes, delicious! How about Ready to Rendang: a carrot wrap with green beans, carrot, spinach, falafel, mayonnaise and onion? Or a French Riviera salad with haricots, various types of beans, olive, mint, lemon and red onion? That sounds good, huh? Good to know: everything is freshly prepared for you in the prep kitchen in the restaurant. The fresh sandwiches and wraps are delivered every morning by a local baker. In addition, the menu changes every quarter, depending on the season.

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A delicious wrap | Photo: Marleen Visser Food Photography

Erwin adds: “Together with our team and partners, we look at how we can make the food as nutritious as possible. It must meet certain nutritional values, such as enough protein. “For example, wraps and burgers are already gluten-free and gluten-free. The team is happy to inform the guest personally and we are working on a gluten-free option for most dishes.”

For whom?

Whether you 12, 31 or 31 years old: everyone loves tasty and healthy food. It is of course even better if it is also affordable. “It is our mission to make plant-based food and drinks accessible to everyone. It’s great if people eat vegan more often because of our dishes. That they think: this is actually just as or better than a burger with meat.” Extra nice: no extra costs are charged for cappuccino with vegetable milk, such as oat milk.

Enjoy your meal

Can’t you wait to order something delicious at Greenrebel? Beautiful! You are more than welcome in the atmospheric restaurant: whether you come for a quick bite or a longer lunch. The restaurant is therefore divided into two parts: a place where you can sit comfortably, but you can easily and quickly be on your way again. In addition, there is an area where you can sit comfortably and enjoy your meal and company for a long time.

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The restaurant inside | Photo: Greenrebel


He can’t really choose, but of course Erwin also has his favourites. “I have a few, I will name two: the Ready to Rendang wrap and the Dutch Dandy burger. The wrap really has that special Indian taste and the Dutch Dandy not only tastes good, but also looks great: it is a pink burger.” Fancy and yummy!

To order!

Does your heart beat faster when reading about all that goodies? Then pay a quick visit. Don’t live nearby, but still want to enjoy these plant-based meals? Which can! Greenrebel will be delivered to your home. You can also order it directly via the website and pick it up at the restaurant: that in turn saves costs from the ordering platform.

Tasting is believing! That’s why they now have a special promotion: when you order a Dutch Dandy you get one for free. So do. The promotion runs until 20 February.


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