What rating would you give The Hague Central Station? If it’s a pass, you’ll agree with many other travelers. This is evident from the Station Experience Monitor 2021.

The Hague’s Central Station received a 7.6 this year. That is the same as in 2021. In 07 the grade was 7.5. Why the figure rose slightly compared to then has not been investigated, but it may be due to the arrival of new shops.

The Hague Hollands Spoor has also been examined and scored a 7.2 . This figure is also the same as a year earlier. Mariahoeve station gets a 7, just like Laan van NOI. There is a 6.9 for Ypenburg and Moerwijk is the last of the train stations in The Hague with a 6.4.

Stations in South Holland

The top three best rated stations in South Holland are:

  • Rotterdam Central: 8
  • Delft: 7.9

    Waddinxveen Triangel: 7.8

The study was carried out by I&O Research on behalf of ProRail and NS. For the investigation are 85.000 travelers surveyed.

Best rated stations in the Netherlands

    In order to visit the best rated stations in the Netherlands, residents have to travel a bit. The stations in the top three are all located in South Limburg. In first place is Klimmen-Ransdaal (8.3), followed by Schin op Geul (8.2) and Valkenburg (8.1).

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