Taxi Bakker has been declared bankrupt after more than fifty years of existence. Photo for illustration.Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/Rob Huibers

Taxi Bakker, a taxi company that existed for decades and was active on the Wadden Island of Terschelling, was declared bankrupt this week. According to curator Ide Jan Woltman, fierce competition and rising fuel costs, among other things, were the reasons for the bankruptcy.

“The inability to pay salaries and other financial obligations are the main reasons for this bankruptcy”, curator Ide Jan Woltman told TaxiPro when asked. “According to the Taxi Bakker driver, the cause is an accumulation of circumstances. There is too much competition on Terschelling, especially in the summer period.”

According to the trustee, however, the fierce competition is not the only reason for the bankruptcy. “Such as Wmo transport, which is insufficiently profitable, a drop in turnover due to corona, partial compensation for costs and rising energy and fuel costs. As a result, insufficient money was earned to cover accumulated debts, such as a deferral arrangement due to corona, which could no longer be repaid and healthy operation was no longer feasible.”

No restart According to Woltman, the owner of Taxi Bakker does not want to make a restart. “The cars belong to a third party and are not part of the estate. This also applies to the name and telephone number. These are in another company. My work will therefore mainly focus on handling the wage guarantee scheme for staff (such as overdue salary), terminating employment contracts with taxi drivers, investigating the administration and furthermore the other settlement of the bankruptcy.”

Despite the fact that the owner of Taxi Bakker does not want to make a restart, several parties have reported to the curator to take over the Terschelling taxi company. “But probably there is not much to take over from the bankrupt estate,” he says.

When asked whether Woltman, as trustee, expects more bankruptcies of taxi companies this year, he replies: “Based on this one bankruptcy, that is not my expectation. This is a very specific situation in which various circumstances played a role. In particular, the location, an island with a limited number of inhabitants, played a major role in this.”

The owner of Taxi Bakker has been asked for comment, but did not want to respond.

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