Have you finally dragged yourself to the station after a long snooze, did you forget your public transport chip card. Not a good start to the day. Is this recognizable? Then know that this is a thing of the past, because from Tuesday 20 January you can join the check in most trains, buses and metros with your debit card. Here you can read how that works.

This is how you check in with your debit card

Checking in with the debit card is almost the same as with an OV chip card. At a station in The Hague, walk to the check-in gate and take your debit card from your pocket. Hold it in front of the gate and… done! You are checked in. You will now see ‘IN Debit Card’ on the screen of the check-in pole and hear the well-known beep. At the end of the journey, hold your debit card again in front of the check-out gate and you will see ‘Uit debit card’ on the screen.

It is important that you remove your debit card from your wallet, otherwise you may accidentally check in with multiple cards.

You can check in with these debit cards

Before you throw your OV chip card in the trash, it’s okay to know that not all debit cards are suitable yet. Only cards from these banks work:

  • ASN Bankhttp://indebuurt.nl/
  • Bunq
  • ING
  • Rabobank
  • RegioBank
  • SNS
  • If you have an account with another bank, such as Triodos, you will have to be patient.


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