Very modern homes have been built at the Zodiakplein on the Binckhorst. They are small, but you have something special. For example, this house costs from 12 square meter 275.12 euro. So you pay 7.844 euros per square meter. What you get for that? Read on quickly:

In that 12 square meters is everything: a living room , dining room, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and storage space. You also have a lot of light through the high windows.


As soon as you enter you will see the so-called Loftbox. That is a concept where everything is used, such as the kitchen, bathroom and your bed. Downstairs is the kitchen block with the bathroom next to it and on top of that there is room for your bed. So you can look straight into your dining/living space from your bed.

View the photos here:






Funda Funda


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