The articles of indebuurt are for all residents of The Hague, no exceptions! We want to be accessible to everyone, which is why you will now find a read-aloud button with every article.

The feature is specifically for residents with a visual disability, people who are low literate or for anyone who just likes to be read to.

With the read aloud button, each article – as the name suggests – is read aloud. You will find the read button right next to the headline of the article. Here you can also see how long the reading takes. You can pause the reading or fast-forward or rewind.

Read button on indebuurt

The articles are read by a lifelike voice, which makes it sound pleasant. This allows you to listen to the best interviews with fellow citizens, hear everything about that new business in the center and be informed about the latest catering news.

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So the read button is just new on neighborhood. The editorial is still in the development phase and therefore there may be small errors. Do you notice something? Then let us know to



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