A coach full of tourists on Dam Square in Amsterdam. Photo for illustration.Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/Venema Media

Heavy coaches of more than 7.5 tons will be banned from the city center of Amsterdam from 1 January 2024. The municipality reports that the measure is being taken because many residents experience nuisance from the heavy buses.

The coaches are moved to the edges of the city as much as possible. Visitors to the city can then continue their journey by public transport. The municipality makes an exception for the Weesperstraat-Valkenburgerstraat-Kattenburgerstraat. Popular museums such as Nemo, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Hermitage are located along this route.

Nuisance “Many visitors come to Amsterdam every year by coach. These are not only tourists, but also children on a school trip to Artis or elderly people who go to a museum and we would like to provide space for that,” says Amsterdam traffic alderman Melanie van der Horst. “But with to 450 coaches per day there is too much nuisance for the residents in the center, where there is very little space for these large cars. We will put an end to that from next year.”

The heavy coaches cause congestion in narrow streets and unsafe traffic situations in the busy city center for cyclists and pedestrians. They are also too heavy for the vulnerable quays and bridges and they cause emissions when they are waiting for their passengers with the engine running.

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