Note Passenger Transport is responsible for student transport in the Dune and Bulb Region.Photo: TaxiPro

The municipality of Noordwijk has decided to extend the contract with Noot Personen Vervoer from Ede by two years. The mayor and aldermen (B&W) have informed the Noordwijk city council of this in a letter. According to the Board, the decision to extend the contract is linked to the improvement plan drawn up.

In that plan, the Ede transport company has drawn up a number of measures to improve the quality of student transport. For example, direct e-mail addresses are entered per project, so that e-mail traffic goes directly to the right planner and a direct telephone number is made available for the municipalities with which they can communicate directly with the planners.

“The currently limited number of complaints, about two per mille of the total number of trips per month, also gives us confidence in continuing the collaboration with Noot,” the Board says in the letter.

Customer satisfaction research The improvement plan was drawn up in response to a customer satisfaction survey about student transport in the Dune and Bulb Region (Katwijk, Noordwijk, Hillegom, Lisse and Teylingen). That study showed that Noot Passenger Transport scored more than satisfactory . Overall satisfaction was rated with a 7.1. The parents who took part in the study were most satisfied with the drivers. They were rated with an 8.1.

In 25 Noot won the tender procedure, allowing the Ede transport company in the municipality of Noordwijk to take care of student transport. A two-year contract was then agreed. That contract can be extended twice by two years in total.

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